Welcome To Ashapura Mata Ji

Ashapura Maata Ji, an incarnation of Annapoorna devi, is popular amongst her devotees as she fulfills desires and wishes of people who pray to her in need. Many communities worship her as a kuldevi.

Ashapura Devi Maa in the Puranas, Rudrayamal Tantra and so on which are all said to point to this shrine in Kutch. As such there are no ancient records that give any indications of the beginning of worship at this temple but it firmly stands out that the deity was very much there in the 9th century AD when Samma clan, Rajputs of Singh region, first entered the north-west Kutch. Later, more communities started following and eventually established them in the region.

Ashapura Mataji Mandir (Pune) is located opposite Aai Mata Mandir, Bibwewadi, Pune. It is the 1st temple of Kuldevi Ashapura Mataji outside of its native place Nadol, Rajasthan. The temple construction was completed in 2017. Its construction and maintenance is carried out by Pune-based Jain Trust.

The temple was inaugurated with lot of joy, celebrations religious ceremonies over a 6-day religious and social program. More than 2000 disciples of Ashapura mataji from in and around Pune attended the program. The temple has been open to all followers of Kuldevi Ashapura Mataji, all days of the week.

Address : 621/1, Gangadham Chowk - Shatrunjay Mandir Road, Opposite Aai Mata Mandir, Bibwewadi, Pune 411 037
Email : info@aashapuramatamandir.com
Mobile : +91 8698 483 958